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Up, up, and upgrade!

Reading Time: 3 min.So you’ve invested a lot of time and resources to add that hot new feature to your app. The new version is already up in the app store. New users are downloading it. But what about your existing users?

Getting users to upgrade to the latest version doesn’t have to be an uphill battle, though. Here are 3 tactics to improve your upgrade rates:

Make it personal

Chances are the needs and preferences of your users drive your product development schedule. Likewise, they should inform how you encourage users to upgrade. Making the new version personally-relevant to different segment in your app will increase the traction of your upgrade campaign. Ideally, you would run multiple campaigns, each highlighting specific elements of the new version to specific audiences.

In this example, a grocery shopping app displayed an upgrade message to the users browsing the organic section in the app — the hook was around the availability of new organic baskets, only available after upgrade. The message echoes the interest of the user when it’s most relevant.


Make it crystal clear

Does your new app version have a list of cool new features? Awesome. A surefire way to kill the excitement is to simply show your users that list. Nobody wants to read a long list, even if the contents are cool.

The antidote? A quick video! Users are much more likely to interact with a quick video that walks them through your new features and gets them pumped to upgrade.

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Make it worthwhile

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely often talks about the “Power of Free,” the irrational effect that the idea of getting something for free has on our actions. This can work to your advantage when asking users to upgrade – offer something they can get in return for upgrading. If your new app version holds the promise of more revenue for your business, it might be worth offering a coupon, extra points, or even cash.

Federal Bank, a large consumer bank in India, offered users cash back when completing a transaction after upgrading their LOTZA app. The offer was also timed to coincide with Diwali, a major holiday. Who doesn’t love free cash to spend on a holiday?


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