App Onboarding

The Importance of Mobile First Impressions

The post-download period is the most crucial in an app’s lifecycle — after the first day, retention rates drop precipitously. The first time users open your app is therefore absolutely critical — you want to immediately:

  • Highlight the most valuable features
  • Quickly explain how the app works
  • Give users a reason to come back

A Toolbox for Better Onboarding

Insert lets you approach app onboarding in a variety of ways, depending on your app and what you can identify as the most urgent need of first-time users.

Whatever method you choose, with Insert you can build the ideal onboarding experience and launch it into your existing apps without heavy lifting from developers or app store approvals.

App Walkthroughs

Walkthroughs are a staple of app onboarding; from a UX perspective, users are accustomed to them, and they can serve as an informative gateway for new users who don’t know much about your app. With Insert, you can build a carousel of screens using templates or with your own design.

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With Insert, you can build tooltips that highlight particular elements in your app without coding. Our unique technology reads your entire app and understands every building block, so that you can attach tooltips to any button or component in your app.

2:33 min. on how to create a Mobile Tooltip with the Insert Platform

With a tooltip you can draw attention to only the most important parts in your app in a way that is unobtrusive to new users. You can trigger tooltips to make them more relevant to yours users based on data you have or on their real-time behavior in the app. For example, you could:

  • Display specific tooltips to users who arrived through a promotion from a partner app
  • Use a delayed trigger to launch tooltips if users linger in a specific place in the app
  • Highlight different areas in the app to different demographics

Video Messages

The first time a user opens your app he’s standing in front of the display window. Your job? Make him want to step in. A great way to entice users to keep exploring the app is with a quick video message. You can walk them through the best your app has to offer in a friendly and visually appealing way.

You don’t have to commit to a single method of onboarding. With Insert, it’s easy to try different approaches, and A/B test content and design to figure out what works best with your users.

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