Personalize real-time interactions in your app just like you do in the web

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Segment your target audience

Segment users according to their app usage such as first-time, loyal or returning users.


Or according to their interests and behavior, such as which screens they saw or if they abandoned their cart.


Insert also lets you import external segmentation you already created in other analytics tools or your CRM.

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The right context, the perfect mobile moment

Trigger in-app marketing based on your users’ real-time interaction in the app, such as which screens they saw and whether they tap (or don’t tap) on a CTA.


Setting these triggers is easy and requires no coding — simply point and click.

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Agile marketing and design

Never again wait for the next release cycle to test, analyze and optimize your app content and marketing initiatives.


Have complete control over your app’s corporate design, fonts, and images, giving your personalized offers a look and feel that is native to your brand.


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Two-sided communication

Don’t just talk. Listen.  

Create surveys and quizzes to ask users about their opinions and preferences. Respond with relevant content — videos, messages, coupons, and more.

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Codeless personalization is fast & easy

Insert’s auto-discovery technology combined with user behavior tracking allows you to deliver personalized engagement to the right user at the right time.


Then you can continuously test and measure your app engagement to optimize your results.


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