App Push Notifications

Drive purchase intent and increase cross-selling

Whether it’s a cross-sell coupon, a timely promotion or a cart reminder, push notifications are a great way to bring your users back to the app. It’s also a great opportunity to deliver personalized experiences relating to users’ past experience, and give them an extra incentive to buy, register, or recommend items to a friend.

3:00 min. on how to create Push Notifications with a dedicated landing page using the Insert Platform

Contextual and relevant notifications for every user

Mobile users receive a lot of messages. So many that they regularly ignore them or even disable their push notifications completely. How can you increase the number of users who interact with push notifications?

Insert’s Push Notifications allow you to offer specific segments a contextual message that will show them real value. For example, offering a discount to a segment of users who added items to the cart but never checked out.

Deliver targeted push notifications with in-app landing pages

For holistic experience, the Insert Platform allows you to lead the user exactly to where he or she needs to complete their transaction or action. This can be done by using your app’s deeplinks or with Insert’s in-app landing pages.

Restaurant chain app_Push to Landing Page_Insert

For example, a restaurant chain app could send a push notification promoting a vegan offering to the user segment that has a history of purchasing vegan items. The offer would lead users directly to an in-app landing page with the relevant vegan offer.

Both the relevancy of the offer and the promotional in-app landing page will result in increased conversion rates. Insert’s in-app landing pages can contain various elements like video, text, images, survey and more.

Measure your success

From timing to wording and imagery, you’ll want to figure out how to best serve your segments and drive maximum revenue. Using Insert’s automated in-app marketing platform you’ll be able to track user engagement and analytics to evaluate your campaign’s performance with not only short-term engagement metrics but closed-loop metrics as well.

In a restaurant app, for example, you can measure how many notifications were sent, how many users tapped on it, which portion clicked the call-to-action on the in-app landing page and  — finally and most importantly — how many tables were booked.

From Push to Retention Strategy

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