Our groundbreaking technology identifies app screens and elements and tracks user behavior in context

It empowers marketers and product teams to manage in-app marketing, without relying on development or waiting for the next release cycle

Insert capture and tag

Screen capturing and visual tagging

Use Insert’s Auto-discovery technology to capture your app screens (it’s as easy as tapping a button).


Then visually tag your app elements to enable you to insert and trigger in-app campaigns based on your users’ real-time activities.


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Getting started with Insert is a snap!

Integrate our iOS and/or Android SDK into your existing app with just a few simple steps, and you will be on the way to in-app marketing automation.

Our SDK is lightweight and optimized for high performance and low overhead.

Insert SDK

One SDK to rule them all!

Our SDK gives you access to dozens of features and our building block approach enables the creation of countless features without requiring SDK upgrades.


The SDK auto-discovers app screens and elements (texts, images, etc.) while observing user behavior and context.


Place features anywhere in your app and then schedule your campaigns while collecting customer analytics from the very start.

Let developers focus on core functionality

Let your app developers focus on core functionality and innovation by removing in-app marketing requests from their development pipeline.

Achieve your business goals much faster by working in parallel to development teams.

Insert Security & Privacy

Security and Privacy

Packaged with enterprise-grade security and privacy features, the Insert platform is built to align with your corporate policies.


We only collect anonymous data and we are trusted by the world’s leading financial institutions.

In-App Personalization_Video

The Mobile Cocktail Party Effect: In-App Personalization

There’s a lot of talk out there about mobile personalization. It’s great! You should do it! But how?

In-app landing pages_resources

Push notifications best friend? In-app landing page!

We all use landing pages in the web to direct our audience to exactly where they should go – whether to claim an offer or register for a service. So why not use landing pages inside the app too?

App users loyalty model_insert

The mobile app user loyalty model

Whether you are just getting started with in-app personalization, or you are already running in-app campaigns, this model will help you identify ways to strengthen your relationship with your app users, and increase users’ attachment to your app.

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