3 app onboarding best practices_Insert Blog

3 tactics for your progressive onboarding plan

First impressions are crucial for your app’s success, you’ve read it a million times. A great onboarding carousel is a must, but it’s only the first step towards app success. Long-term stickiness, meanwhile, is the real marathon, and it requires ongoing investment and nurturing. That’s where progressive onboarding comes in. Starting line: Walkthroughs Because the Read More »

A better app experience, everywhere_Insert Blog

A better app experience, everywhere

Interactions with software is evolving; we’ve written a lot about user expectations evolving on mobile, but the truth is, expectations are evolving across the board, whether we’re on our phone, tablet, or PC, both at work, at home, and on the road. We expect every piece of software we use to be as good as Read More »

How healthy is your app_Insert Blog

How healthy is your app?

With the advent of wearables, and increasingly sophisticated built-in capabilities on phones, wellness apps are all the rage. Whether they help users lose weight, register for gym classes, or track their personal wellness, these apps have the potential to become an everyday part of their users’ life. That’s if they provide an experience that’s intuitive, Read More »

4 in-app elements you should be AB testing_Insert Blog

Four in-app elements you should be A/B testing

App development is labor and time intensive, and the often onerous app store submission discourages app owners from changing elements in the app. What’s more, for product managers, understanding what to prioritize next is often done in darkness, devoid of a true understanding of how customers use the app and data to support their assumption. Read More »

User-Centric App Strategy_Insert Blog

The shift towards a user-centric app strategy

In a recent podcast interview Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, described his vision for the wildly successful brand as a customer service company that “happens to sell shoes.” And while customer service is not what they’re selling, it is their deeply customer-centric approach that has gotten Zappos to its $2 billion in annual revenue. What’s Read More »

Mobile App User Retention_Insert Blog

How to increase mobile app retention rates like a pro

Thanks to improved research on retention rates and increasing awareness of the impact of retention on growth, app publishers are ramping up their efforts to keep hard-earned app users. Not long ago user acquisition and growth roles were synonymous in most app companies. Today almost every growth specialist has some element of retention in his/her Read More »

3 Ways to increase your app upgrade rates_Insert Blog

Up, up, and upgrade!

So you’ve invested a lot of time and resources to add that hot new feature to your app. The new version is already up in the app store. New users are downloading it. But what about your existing users? Getting users to upgrade to the latest version doesn’t have to be an uphill battle, though. Read More »

Acquisition, stickiness and what’s between them_Insert Blog

[Podcast] Acquisition, stickiness and what’s between them

I love chatting with people that lead growth initiatives for their company’s app(s). They may be called User Acquisition Leaders, Growth Hackers, or any number of titles, but it’s always interesting to hear about the creative ways they are driving more users to their apps. I’m also intrigued to observe the expanding focus of these Read More »

4 apps to keep you cool this summer_Insert Blog

4 Apps we love this summer

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy… Now that you have that song stuck in your head, we thought we’d share some apps we’re absolutely crushing on this summer. These aren’t just for making life easier, but also more enjoyable this summer. We wanted to highlight favorite apps from our team both for the incredible value Read More »

4 lessons from finance apps that can make you money_Insert Blog

Laughing all the way to the app

Keys, wallet, phone: those are the things that most people try to remember every time they leave the house. But increasingly, the phone is starting to take the place of the wallet: it has payment apps, and apps that replace your ATM card, loyalty cards, and insurance cards. As adoption grows, and financial institutions learn Read More »

The 30 Billion Moment Question_Insert Blog

The 30 Billion Mobile Moment Question

Last week we were thrilled to host Jennifer Wise, Senior Forrester Research analyst, at a webinar to discuss app user behavioral trends and how businesses can best keep up with users by embracing in-app personalization. Jenny shared some stats from her recent research that really underline the immense opportunity that apps present for businesses today: Read More »

3 Commandments of Mobile Brand Harmony _Insert Blog

3 Commandments of Mobile Brand Harmony

Pixels have been shaping our experience and the way we interact with digital products for decades, and it is through an interface (the famous UI) that we get the sense of the brand that stands behind the screen. The ascendancy of the mobile phone, and mobile apps in particular, presents new challenges for brands. Maintaining Read More »

Meeting User Expectations_Insert Blog

The Path to App Fidelity: Meeting User Expectations

User acquisition is difficult, sure. But once you’ve gotten users, the battle isn’t over. Today’s app users are sophisticated consumers who have come to expect a lot from every digital interaction, particularly ones they have in your app. Mobile giants have set the bar very high, delivering extremely personalized and seamlessly functional apps, and users Read More »

Mobile Moments Campaigns Insert Blog

Trigger Happiness: choosing the right mobile moments for your in-app campaigns

In the past year, we heard a lot about mobile moments. Sometimes even mobile micromoments. The story behind these mobile moments is one of relevancy: you want to display to your users contextual messages, relating to what they’re doing in the app right now. To do that, you need to have pre-defined triggers and that’s Read More »

The Demise of the Mobile Marketing Silo_Insert_Blog

The Demise of the Mobile Marketing Silo: Impressions from Adobe Summit

Like many of you, I have spent my fair share of time at large software conferences during the course of my career. After a dizzying week of learning about new technology, attending flashy keynotes, and meeting tons of colleagues, it is usually hard for me to concisely sum up the experience. In the case of Read More »

Fast food & fast users_Insert Blog

Fast food & fast users – is your app keeping up?

Quick Service Restaurants have changed the way we purchase and consume food, and in the process have redefined how consumers interact with brands. Their success over time has been rooted in their ability to create long-lasting relationships based on a personal connection with customers (think: “I’m loving it”). They have excelled in creating value through Read More »

The Rise of the Mobile Marketing Automation Hero_Insert_Blog

The rise of the Mobile Marketing automation hero

Some people are still asking: “what is marketing automation?” And others are still answering that it is “email marketing.” Well, it’s not. Marketing automation is the ability to effectively communicate your messaging to the masses, as well as a tool for lead capturing, lead nurturing, and opportunity acceleration. It’s what helps you identify your best Read More »

Mobile App Personalziation_Insert Blog

What do we talk about when we talk about personalization?

Have you been hearing about personalization at every corner of the digital world? The advent of big data and AI have given rise to dreams of perfectly personalized experiences in our everyday lives: in education, commerce, travel, and many other fields. We’re used to the form of personalization that advertisers use to target us based Read More »

Red Carpet In-App Campaigns_Insert Blog

Unroll Your Mobile Red Carpet

Award season is in full swing, and it will culminate this weekend as millions worldwide will gather to watch the Academy Awards ceremony. Many of us have no intention of actually watching the broadcast, but for weeks we’ve been talking about the movies, politics, and fashion trends that are all part of the Oscars bonanza. Read More »


The Guide of Small Things

I bet you anything that at some point, every brand– be it a bank, retailer, food chain (and many others)– has dreamed about running a super bowl commercial next season. The reality, of course, is that most brands will not make this commercial. Either way, such commercials are more of a status symbol than a Read More »


It’s almost 2017: time to ditch the fear of in-app marketing

Quite a few mobile app owners have turned their backs on ‘in-app marketing.’ Why? Probably because many consider the combination of “in-app” and “marketing” to mean just one thing: advertising. If advertising and monetization are dirty words in your app, your apprehension is well understood. If yours is a retail or travel app there, working Read More »

Thanksgiving app best practices - Insert blog

Give your app users more this Thanksgiving

Next week, Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving, which marks the beginning of the holiday season in the US. While traveling to see their families, cooking together, and shopping on Black Fridays, Americans will be spending a lot of time on their smartphones. For app owners, this is an opportunity to improve their relationship with users by Read More »


3 push notifications rules to live by

Push notifications are suffering. Too many users are opting out, fed up with spammy messages that do nothing to improve their app experience, or are completely irrelevant to them. Multiple studies now show that push notification opt-in rates are around 50%. As a community of mobile technologists, practitioners, and marketers, it is up to all Read More »

Insert at AppsWorld_ROI Insights from AppsWorld

Getting personal at AppsWorld

Last week, a team from Insert attended AppsWorld London, one of Europe’s largest events for app developers and mobile marketing professionals. We had exciting meetings with folks from companies of all stripes: mobile-first companies who are app veterans, web-based businesses who understand that users are increasingly moving towards apps, and multi-channel businesses who want to Read More »

4 successful in-app marketing strategies

4 successful in-app marketing strategies that mobile giants use (and you can too!)

The world’s most successful apps got their status not only because they have a massive number of customers, but also because these customers keep coming back. Leaders like AirBNB, Uber, Waze, and Seamless have fostered loyalty by introducing personalized, dynamic and valuable in-app campaigns at every step of the user journey. But, don’t despair! You Read More »

Blog_Using surveys to improve your in-app marketing efforts

Ask and you shall receive: Using surveys to improve your in-app engagement efforts

In-app surveys can be a powerful tool for improving your customers’ experience, in the app and beyond. In the process, surveys can help you promote new features, collect feedback, and recapture the attention of disengaged users. With surveys, as with other app elements, success requires targeting the right audience, at the right time, for a Read More »

Confessions of an App Snob_Insert In-App Marketing

Confessions of an App snob

I have a confession – I’m an app snob. I find myself growing increasingly picky about the app experience, and I notice that I’m quicker than ever to remove an app when it lets me down. Go ahead and admit it: you’re probably an app snob too! While there are many areas that affect my Read More »


The 4 stages of the mobile app maturity model

I often feel like attending family gatherings is one of my hobbies. Why? Because I have such a large family that it is almost inevitable that someone is celebrating a party-worthy milestone. At a recent birthday party, I was watching college-age relatives warn high-school age relatives about upcoming perils, the not-quite teenagers ‘lead’ the toddlers, Read More »

App Engagement Analytics

‘You’re so vain’: 3 lessons on app engagement metrics

Every mobile marketer knows how important app engagement is. It leads to stronger user loyalty, reduced churn rates, and more conversions. The problem is that many mobile marketers don’t have an effective plan in place for measuring, analyzing, and optimizing the performance of their app engagement methods (even if they think they do). Many mobile Read More »

Digital Marketer's journey to app personalization

The digital marketer’s journey to app personalization

Unless you’re just starting your career as a digital marketer for mobile apps, chances are that your professional journey began on other marketing channels. Maybe you started on email, using a marketing automation platform to send targeted, personalized emails to segmented audiences. Or perhaps you managed your website, optimizing the user experience with real-time web Read More »


How to drive your app with speed & control

When I mentally combine “speed and control”, it triggers the vivid memory and feelings of my hair “on fire” as I raced happily around BMW’s professional racetrack, last September. I spent an amazing day with clients and friends at the BMW performance track in South Carolina. With each phase of the race, I was empowered Read More »


Why mobile app marketers should compare apples and oranges

Mobile app marketers can be an anxious bunch, riddled with the fear that users will abandon their apps. This anxiety is fully justified – users can uninstall their apps in a heartbeat. Mobile moments, moods and preferences are short-lived and fickle. What helps the mobile marketers nowadays is that there are many in-app marketing tactics they Read More »


Is the promise of mobile proximity marketing just a bunch of hype?

If you have spent the last several years in the mobile industry, you have probably heard tales of the promise of proximity-based marketing ad nauseam by now. The basic premise, replayed in various scenarios, is that retailer X can deliver consumer Y an offer at precisely the right time to drive a favorable action (aka Read More »


Shooting the message! The golden rules of in app messages

According to research firm MarketsandMarkets, the size of the mobile marketing market will reach over $15 billion by 2019. What is the ‘mobile marketing market’ you may ask? It’s basically the different means through which brands engage their customers over mobile. This is certainly inclusive of familiar communication channels like SMS, email, and push notifications. Read More »


App features aren’t Easter eggs: Here’s how to help your users find them

Regardless of whether you celebrate Easter, chances are you’re familiar with the custom of hunting Easter eggs. Kids (and often their parents) love seeking out those hidden treasures, and take pride in showing off their discovered bounty. Not so with apps. Unfortunately, unlike Easter-egg-hunters, your mobile app users will not put as much effort into Read More »


Proactively seeking user satisfaction

Business history is littered with tales of failure borne from organizations that take on reactive postures versus proactive ones. In some cases, it was an organization that refused to cannibalize a legacy business in favor of a higher growth area, and in other cases an organization that failed to see disruptive forces in their industry Read More »


Insert’s 10 best things to consider before launching a mobile app survey

Anyone who is serious about improving their mobile app is aware using surveys in mobile apps works well. You can use surveys to understand app users and their satisfaction levels, receive feedback on a new feature or change, understand why an existing feature isn’t used, or even use surveys simply to poll users. The best Read More »


Mobile apps are marketing-unfriendly. we need a new architecture to manage them.

Mobile apps are amazing but long development and update cycles have put a straightjacket on creativity, preventing businesses from deriving the full potential value of their mobile app investment. What needs to change?   What is the Creative Lag? Mobile apps are amazing. They have transformed how we interact with the world and they also Read More »

Insert Plans

Insert launches world’s first codeless mobile engagement platform offering a broad set of Instant features for Live Apps

Insert emerged from stealth mode today, launching the world’s first Codeless Mobile Engagement Platform. The platform offers mobile app owners a broad set of “inserts” – must-have mobile marketing features, all publishable in minutes into live apps with no coding. The company was founded by the people behind Worklight: the world’s leading mobile application platform Read More »


Tips and tricks for mobile app owners: ratings, permissions, onboarding and more

Mobile apps are taking center stage for many businesses, even if those businesses’ core business isn’t delivered through a mobile app. As consumers wield their smartphones everywhere, businesses want to be on those devices. Just having a mobile app isn’t enough; mobile app owners need to implement, track and optimize a medley of marketing-related features Read More »


Mobile App Sandbags You Should Let Go of

In a recent interview that I’ve heard, a journalist asked a group of new parliament members what is the first law they intend to legislate. One of them said that he believes there are already too many laws and that he actually plans to start with eliminating some of the redundant ones. That interview set Read More »

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