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Insert has widest variety of highly customizable campaigns in the market, and none require coding!

Whether you are just getting started with in-app marketing, or are already on your way to achieving your app goals, Insert’s unique catalog offers new ways to personalize your app and make it more relevant for your users.

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Put the Insert catalog to work!

Download the “Giant Book of In-App Campaigns” to discover 19 types of campaigns you can create in your app, including 24 best practices and examples.


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The Rise of the Mobile Marketing Automation Hero_Insert_Resources

Mobile marketing automation. Not what you thought

Do you cringe when people conflate “marketing automation” with “email marketing”? We think you should, because marketing automation is so much more, especially if you have a mobile app.

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The Mobile Cocktail Party Effect: In-App Personalization

There’s a lot of talk out there about mobile personalization. It’s great! You should do it! But how?

Fast food & fast users_Insert Resources

Fast food & fast users - what about fast apps?

Fast food restaurants have been leaders in brand marketing for decades, changing not only the way we consume food, but also how we feel about restaurants. Question is, can they bring this kind of innovation into our mobile phones?

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