Data-driven measurement of your success

Make data-driven decisions with Insert analytics. Plan and set your goals in advance. Then measure your success.

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Conversion and closed-loop measurement

With every campaign you add to the app, you’ll be able to constantly measure how many people clicked on a message or filled out a survey.


At the same time, we also allow you to close the loop by measuring the growth in completed transactions, the number of app registrations, shares and much more.

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Test and optimize

Quickly test and iterate not only the content, text and images of your app but also the timing and in-app placement of features.


You’ll know whether a tooltip performs better than a video for introducing your latest feature, as well as the best time to request registration.


Test, analyze and optimize — all without help from the development team.


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Convert more app users into loyal advocates

The fact is that your most loyal app users are the ones bringing in the majority of your revenue – and you want to create more.


Experiment with creating purchase intent to increase your ARPU.


Provide optimal personalized and contextual experiences to increase their LTV and encourage them to continue coming back for more.


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Mobile app testing

Why mobile app marketers should compare apples and oranges

Measuring mobile engagement sounds really simple. But what does it really mean for product and marketing and how meaningful is it?

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Ready to go beyond push notifications?

A comprehensive guide to campaigns that drive app engagement and retention with 19 types of campaigns, including 24 best practices and examples.

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