Mobile Marketing Automation

A must-have tool to help you drive conversion, nurture loyalty, and increase ROI from your app

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the ability to effectively communicate your message to the masses, as well as a tool for lead capturing, lead nurturing, and opportunity acceleration. It’s what helps you identify your best prospects and turn more prospects into good candidates. It plays a vital role in attributing marketing activities to sales success and in measuring and optimizing your content marketing over time. Finally, it’s the liaison between marketing and the sales/business teams, and helps marketers answer the all-too-common question: “What have you done for me lately?”

For most, the first thing that comes to mind when discussing marketing automation is email. It is a well-established medium that digital marketers have been perfecting for close to two decades. But as consumers, we’ve expect more than just email– and marketing automation is now expanding into other digital spaces, most notably mobile apps.

What is Mobile Marketing Automation?

Mobile marketing automation, then, is the ability to communicate with a large number of app users to drive conversion, nurture loyalty, and increase ROI from your app.

And it hinges on the same principles that made email and web marketing automation an integral part of every digital marketer’s arsenal:

  • Audience segmentation
  • Triggering
  • Content design

Insert Platform - Create Campaign Flow

Audience segmentation

This is the bread and butter of digital marketing. Understanding how different audiences interact with your brand, and the ability to serve them different messages, is absolutely crucial. Audiences can be segmented based on demographics (age, geography, etc.), their relationship to your business (first time visitors, loyal customers, etc.), or other information that is particularly pertinent to your vertical.

Understanding an audience’s needs and preferences guides the way in which you craft your message, content, medium and delivery.

Wednesday-travel - Insert

In this example, an airline showed an in-app message on a busy travel day, but only to users who have upgraded their seat in the past. This audience is likely to be much more receptive, and find the message helpful.

Real-Time Triggering

The ability to automate the triggering event of the campaign you’re running is another hallmark of marketing automation systems. With email, a recent transaction might trigger an email. With apps, there is a lot more that you can use as triggers– both past behavior and real-time actions can be the reason that a user sees a campaign.

The right trigger also means that the user is exposed to marketing content at the exact time when she is most likely to respond positively, and is not bombarded by irrelevant information.

food app_mobile tooltip

This coffee chain displayed a helpful tooltip at exactly the right moment– when users were looking for the nearest branch in the app, the tooltip telling them about pre-ordering showed up. This is the moment when users are most likely to use this feature, and it saves them time; it is a prime example of how an app can offer real value to users and nurture brand affinity.

Content Control

The ability to easily create and change the content of every campaign is another pillar of any marketing automation platform. A good platform lets you build templates that fit your brand in look and feel, and test the performance of every campaign over time for continuous optimization.

The ability to control the message without having to design every campaign from scratch is liberating for marketers, who need to respond quickly to changing conditions.

Bring Mobile Marketing Automation to Your App

Marketing automation gives marketers the ability to personalize the experience for their users, and this is true in apps more than any other medium. Personalization helps fight churn and increase the lifetime value of every user, the goal of every mobile marketer.

Insert is the first solution of its kind that lets marketing professionals become truly the masters of their in-app marketing plans. By allowing you to control all three of these pillars of automation in your app, without relying on developers, you can supercharge your in-app marketing efforts.

Out of the box Segments, Triggers and Design Customization available with the Insert Platform

Pre-defined Segments

  • All Users
  • First Time Users
  • Returning After Upgrade
  • New Users
  • Power Users
  • Active this week
  • Dormant users
  • Smartphone/Tablet
  • Segments defined in your Adobe Marketing Cloud


  • App launch
  • Custom event
  • Deep link
  • Field value
  • Screen view
  • Tap on

Design Customization Options

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Position
  • Transitions
  • Timeout

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