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Every year, consumers spend more time in apps, and increasingly, more money. Accordingly, they expect smoother app experiences that are better tailored to their needs. Digital marketing professionals understand this is the next frontier: in-app marketing bring tremendous opportunity for increasing brand loyalty and lifetime value.

Bottlenecks Be Gone

In a complex enterprise, Insert helps marketers introduce campaigns into existing apps without the heavy time commitments that come with development teams and app store approval processes.

Doing away with bottlenecks, the Insert platform allows marketers quickly innovate and bring their expertise into the app.

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Drive Purchase Intent

Insert allows marketing professional to easily launch campaigns in existing apps to push users towards conversion, using a variety of tools including:

Create personalized push notifications to attract users back to the app and decrease opt-out rates

Contextually trigger upsell campaigns to segmented audiences based on users’ in-app behavior

Introduce contextual coupons and promotion to increase conversion

The Cross-Channel Complement

The Insert platform helps you make your app a part of the bigger picture of your organization by creating campaigns that echo and complement your marketing efforts in-store, online, and beyond.

Campaigns can be customized to maintain the look and feel of your brand, drive customers to POS, and increase cross-channel conversion.

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The Insert Advantage for Marketers

Create personalized campaigns based on users’ demographics, real-time activity, and past behavior

Easily test, analyze and optimize the performance of your campaigns

Take control of your marketing initiatives: Insert requires no coding

Giant Book of In-App Campaigns_Insert Resouces

Ready to go beyond push notifications?

A comprehensive guide to campaigns that drive app engagement and retention with 19 types of campaigns, including 24 best practices and examples.

20 questions the app relevance edition

20 Questions: the App Relevance Edition

Tools to help you think, plan, and execute your app strategy this year.

The Beginner's Playbook to In-App Marketing_Insert Automated Platform

The Ultimate App Personalization Playbook

Given the fact that 55% of brand-user relations happens on mobile devices, you want to take advantage of these opportunities. But where do you start?

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