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App users are a demanding bunch, with a short attention span. Creating an app experience that keeps users coming back is an exciting challenge for product teams in all industries, because ultimately: loyalty translates directly to ROI.

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No feature left behind

Product teams invest time and resources into improving apps, by constantly optimizing the user experience and introducing new features.

The Insert platform helps product teams make the most out of each version update by introducing personalized and contextual in-app interactions that drive user satisfaction and stickiness.

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Increase Retention with Insert

Insert offers a variety of tools for product teams to guide users towards new features, encourage upgrades, ensure better engagement, and help measure satisfaction in the app.

Measure user satisfaction in the right mobile moment

Increase usage by drawing users’ attention to new features

Drive app upgrades with contextual added value

We can now build surveys really quickly and receive mission-critical customer feedback from App users without further development.

Maria Berruezo,

Co-Founder at LactApp

Harmonious Integration

Insert allows you to create in-app moments that mimic the look and feel of your app, giving the user a smooth experience.

It’s a personalization layer that helps you engage with your users without disrupting their experience in the app.

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The Insert Advantage for Product Teams

Personalize the user experience by triggering campaigns at the ideal mobile moment, based on in-app behavior, demographics or your own segmentation

Easily test, analyze and optimize the performance of your campaigns

Just one SDK that provides a whole portfolio of in-app capabilities

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Discover 19 types of in-app experiences you can introduce to your app today, including 24 best practices and examples.

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20 Questions: the App Relevance Edition

Tools to help you think, plan, and execute your app strategy this year.

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The Ultimate App Personalization Playbook

Given the fact that 55% of brand-user relations happens on mobile devices, you want to take advantage of these opportunities. But where do you start?

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