Mobile A/B Testing

What is A/B Testing

A/B testing has been at the core of marketing and product optimization since long before we had apps. This method of comparing variations to optimize performance has been amplified in the move from analog to digital, because we now more accurately measure what works best on our websites, emails, and apps, and make more data-driven decisions as a result.

Mobile App A/B Testing

Small screens, high user expectations, low retention rates: those are the realities facing mobile app owners. What’s more, In the relatively young medium of app, benchmarks are still evolving. This is exactly why there’s less room for error in apps.

A/B testing is how you get users to tell you what works, taking the guesswork out of your engagement strategy.

A/B Testing with Insert

Insert lets you test:

  • Existing elements in your app
  • The content and design of in-app campaigns

Insert_Review Campaign Variations

Testing existing elements

With Insert’s novel visual tagging technology you can change any element in your app that’s image- or text-based. This means you can test modifications to your existing apps without development resources and with no need to re-submit to the app store. Here are some things you could test:

  • Alternative call-to-action (CTA) in your buttons
  • A picture of your product from a different angle
  • A cool new slogan
  • A background in a different style

The Insert dashboard will show you how your modification compares to your existing element by analyzing your desired goal, whether it’s time-on-page, clickthrough rate, or another metric.

bg change_App springs eternal

Testing different campaigns

For every campaign you create with Insert, you can set up 2 or more versions of that campaign, and test against a control group as well. Setting the campaign, and it’s variants, is easy! It can be live on your users devices in no time, so that you can start seeing results of which works better and adjust accordingly.

What should I test in my Insert campaigns?

  • Order of onboarding flows
  • The way you ask for a rating
  • How you highlight a new feature


Survey_mobile ab testing_Insert Platform


In-App Messaging_Location

Analytics you can trust

Set goals for every campaign, and the Insert dashboard will display the performance of the variations and the control group for each goal. Because some results can be considered random when testing, we’ll make sure to only show you statistically significant results. We’ll show you the clear winner to help you make the campaign that users most respond to.

Insert Mobile AB Testing_Reports

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