Initiating a conversation with users drives app use and engagement. Communication inserts create targeted conversations with users by sending the message at the right time. They cover a broad range of needs from onboarding, to promotions, reminders and more.

Communications can be triggered by a specific use of the app, by the user’s history or real time app activity and more, and can be targeted to increase the user’s engagement with the message. All with zero coding.

Sample Communication Inserts

In-app message

In-app messages inform the user, and can be accompanied with a link or deeplink, driving immediate action. Messages typically include an image and a call-to-action button which can lead the user to a specific app screen.



Interstitials are full-screen clickable images that are activated between screens, after one screen and before the next. They direct users to an app screen or web page and are typically used to convey time-sensitive information such as today’s sale, promotion etc.


Video message

Users love video, and video messages are a great way to communicate a more ’emotional’ or complicated message that goes beyond the standard informational note.



Unlike an interstitial, banners are smaller clickable images that can be presented on different areas of the screen. By adding a bottom banner to your app, you can communicate with your users without disrupting their app use, since the banner doesn’t prevent them from using the app. Banners are a way of giving users control over when and whether they want to engage with the banner’s content


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