Guide inserts help you successfully onboard new users and expose existing ones to additional features and capabilities. By exposing users to the value that’s inherent to your app, you will drive better engagement.

Guidance inserts range from an onboarding carousel to mobile tooltips and feature highlights. They direct users to relevant app features or offers and can be delivered at the right time, to the right audience, and in the context of users’ past or real-time use of your app. All with zero coding.


App Walkthrough

Optimize your users first time app experience. Make sure they understand the app’s value by showcasing the apps main features using a carousel that appears when the user first opens the app.

Mobile App Walkthrough

Highlight App Area

Highlight App Area

Direct users attention to a specific app area by highlighting this area with an explanatory text. Great for onboarding, or to drive use of new features.



Mobile Tooltip

Provide a mobile tooltip that explains a button or feature, with text that points to that specific app element, feature or call-to-action.



Suggest App Feature

In the right context, suggest to users they use a specific app feature and take them directly to the relevant app screen, using a deeplink.


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