App Refinement

Make contextualized changes to the app to drive engagement, by modifying the app’s text, images or themes. Edit anything, anywhere, quickly and efficiently, or work with advanced text or image display changes that are triggered only for specific audiences, all with no coding. Changes to the app’s text or images can be done within the context of A/B testing, to see what works better, while other uses of refinement inserts serves to fix small app issues or to insert seasonal or holiday themes.


Modify Text

Have a typo or want to A/B test several text options? Want to change app texts for a special occasion or holiday? Want to change texts once a user had completed a certain action on the app? Mark the text you want to replace on the apps screen, replace it with the new text and youre good to go.



Modify Theme

Change the app to provide seasonal themes, such as holidays or back to school messages.

Modify Theme


Modify Image

Change app images to fix app issues or to see what images drive better engagement. Super simple no-coding, even when image changes are triggered only for a certain context, certain audiences or timing.

Modify Image

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