Getting the right answers to questions about user preferences, characteristics or feedback is a crucial element of mobile app engagement. This category includes survey, analytics and support inserts. Surveys can open a workflow where user attitudes are gauged before a certain insert is invoked. Insert’s codeless mobile engagement works well in helping launch surveys at the right time and place. Additionally, app uninstall, analytics and support inserts also drive a better understanding of the interaction between the app and its users.


Single question survey

Connect with your users to get real-time feedback on new app features, app value, personal preferences, and any other topic, using a single-question survey. This insert allows you to quickly construct the survey, target its audience and time its appearance, such as requesting feedback right after users have performed a specific action in the app.



Multiple question survey

A survey with multiple questions can be presented in single screen or with a slider.
Use it to collect even more rich data about your users preferences.




Export to google analytics

This Insert lets you mark the event youd like to track on the screen, using our web interface, and have analytics about that event sent in real time to your Google Analytics account. Generate rich app-specific events with no coding, track them and feed the data into your analytics system.


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