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Fast food & fast users – is your app keeping up?

Reading Time: 4 min.Quick Service Restaurants have changed the way we purchase and consume food, and in the process have redefined how consumers interact with brands. Their success over time has been rooted in their ability to create long-lasting relationships based on a personal connection with customers (think: “I’m loving it”). They have excelled in creating value through simplicity, both in the types of food they serve, and in the kind of experience they are able to deliver.

In the mobile age, QSRs have new opportunities to extend their long-standing efforts into the most personal of mediums– a proprietary app. Here are some ways your QSR can increase loyalty and user spending by leveraging in-app marketing:

A digital drive thru

“More than half (51%) of millennials want to be able to order delivery and takeout on the go” according to an Oracle survey published last year. Particularly in cities, a mobile app can replace the ubiquitous suburban drive thru, saving customers time at the store by allowing them to pre-order their drink or meal. The key for QSRs is getting users to adopt value-producing app features, which they can easily do with a mobile tooltip.

In this example, a coffee chain prompted users to use the on-the-go ordering function when they searched for nearby locations. The timing is crucial, because this is when users are most likely to want to use this feature.


A responsive approach to measuring satisfaction

One of the keys to brand loyalty is customer satisfaction, particularly when introducing a new service like on-the-go ordering. QSRs that enable this service are still learning how to optimize it, and there’s no better way to gauge customer satisfaction than to simply ask.

The same coffee chain from the previous example did exactly that– after customers picked up their first on-the-go order, they were prompted with a survey about their experience. To further personalize the survey, those who were pleased with their experience got a reminder about a loyalty bonus, further deepening their relationship with the brand. Those who weren’t satisfied were prompted to provide more feedback in an open form, giving the chain a chance to understand how they can improve the service.


Facilitating simplicity

Many QSRs will opt to have a payment option built into their app. This is a feature that users like for its time-saving and reward-accumulation benefits. It fosters loyalty, because users who load a payment option in the app are more likely to frequent the particular chain over another.

This ice cream chain made sure that their users’ accounts always stay full with this field-value-triggered message. Anytime the user’s balance dips below $5, they get a prompt reminding them to reload, saving them time when they visit next and are ready to pay.


Fast communications for fast food

Mobile apps are an ideal communication channel for your most loyal customers, and as such, the perfect medium to convey information that is more timely and specific than a big TV ad or online campaign. Offering coupons to users based on real-life events, their usage patterns, or demographics is sure to increase conversion rates and bring more people to a local branch.

In this example, a bistro chain sent a coupon to users in a specific area that was experiencing an unusual cold front. The ability to quickly create in-app campaigns is an invaluable asset for QSRs, particularly those that are spread out and want to promote different offers in different location.

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