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Balancing App_Finance

The great app balancing act

Marketers often deal with striking a delicate balance between furthering the business and keeping customers happy. Nowhere is this as true as in mobile apps, where real estate is limited and so are attention spans.

3 Engagement Lessons from Travel Apps_Insert Resources

3 Engagement lessons from travel apps

Do you know that feeling when your favorite travel app sends you a notification that your flight just got cheaper? Or when it recommends the perfect hotel for you?


How Insert’s unique screen capturing technology works

Find out how the Insert technology allows you to personalize the app experience for your users in minutes, without any coding.

Personalization First_Insert Resources

Personalization First: keeping up with your mobile app customers

A webinar with guest Forrester Analyst, Jennifer Wise on the ascendancy of personalization for mobile app engagement, and how your app can stay ahead of the curve.

Giant Book of In-App Campaigns_Insert Resouces

Ready to go beyond push notifications?

A comprehensive guide to campaigns that drive app engagement and retention with 19 types of campaigns, including 24 best practices and examples.

In-App Personalization_Video

The Mobile Cocktail Party Effect: In-App Personalization

There’s a lot of talk out there about mobile personalization. It’s great! You should do it! But how?

In-App Marketing Maturity Model_Insert Automated Platform

The 4 stages of the mobile app maturity model

Push is great, but to drive more loyalty and increase LTV you should do more and continue your marketing effort inside your app.

Fast food & fast users_Insert Resources

Fast food & fast users - what about fast apps?

Fast food restaurants have been leaders in brand marketing for decades, changing not only the way we consume food, but also how we feel about restaurants. Question is, can they bring this kind of innovation into our mobile phones?

The Rise of the Mobile Marketing Automation Hero_Insert_Resources

Mobile marketing automation. Not what you thought

Do you cringe when people conflate “marketing automation” with “email marketing”? We think you should, because marketing automation is so much more, especially if you have a mobile app.

How to add in-app message

How to customize and add in-app messages with Insert

Watch this 2:39 video to see how to add in-app messages to your apps without writing code.

The Beginner's Playbook to In-App Marketing_Insert Automated Platform

The Ultimate App Personalization Playbook

Given the fact that 55% of brand-user relations happens on mobile devices, you want to take advantage of these opportunities. But where do you start?

In-app landing pages_resources

Push notifications best friend? In-app landing page!

We all use landing pages in the web to direct our audience to exactly where they should go – whether to claim an offer or register for a service. So why not use landing pages inside the app too?

How to add coupon insert - video

How to customize and add a coupon with Insert

Watch 2:30 video to see how to add coupon offers in your app without writing code.

App users loyalty model_insert

The mobile app user loyalty model

Whether you are just getting started with in-app personalization, or you are already running in-app campaigns, this model will help you identify ways to strengthen your relationship with your app users, and increase users’ attachment to your app.

Contextual Experience-Insert Resources

Is your app out of context?

Context is everything. It is the reason that we experience digital interactions as annoying or fulfilling. But how do you create contextual experiences in your app?

App springs eternal_Insert Resources

No more stale apps

Keeping your app fresh is crucial for user retention and engagement, but can also be expensive and time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be, though.

How to add mobile app tooltip insert - video

How to customize and add a mobile tooltip with Insert

Watch this short video to see how to add a tooltip to your existing app without writing code.

The Demise of the Mobile Marketing Silo_Insert_resources

Silos no more: Impressions from Adobe Summit

Last week we participated in Adobe Summit in Vegas, where the halls reverberated a single message: the walls are coming down, and marketing is getting bigger.

Highlight Text How to_Resources

How to Highlight Text with Insert

Highlighting text within your app is a powerful way to grab users’ attention. Watch this video to learn how you can do that with no coding.

20 questions the app relevance edition

20 Questions: the App Relevance Edition

Competition for users’ attention is fierce, but making your app more relevant means it will stand out to users, give them greater value, and gain their loyalty. A relevant app strengthens your brand, and ultimately translates to greater mobile ROI.

Mobile App Marketing Independence day_Insert_Resources

Mobile app marketing independence day

We have some great news: February 17 is Mobile App Marketing Independence day! One year ago, we launched the Insert platform, which gives you the freedom and control to do in-app marketing at the speed of life. What does independence mean?

Red Carpet In-App Campaigns_Insert Resources

Bring the red carpet to your app

The Oscars are watched by millions worldwide, and talked about by many more millions — the perfect opportunity for your app to shine!

How to ask for app rating - video

How to ask for an app rating with Insert

Watch this 2:22 video to see how to prompt your users for an app rating without writing code.

MWC_Mobile apps are coming of age_Insert_resources

The State of Apps: reflections from the world’s largest mobile conference

We attended Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and came back with some insights about the state of the industry, which we share in our latest blog post.

Capture greatness_Resources

Capture the Imagination: The Insert Technology

Insert’s unique screen capturing technology, and why it can transform your in-app marketing plan.


3 Push Notifications Rules to Live By

Consider the three tips below for delivering more meaningful push notifications that will result in fewer opt-outs.

Love is in the App, Everywhere I look around_Resources

Love is in the App, Everywhere I look around

Love is in the air, but is it in your app? 3 excellent ways to stand out to your users in time for Valentine’s Day.

Your 2017 in-app campaign calendar_Resources

2017 in-app campaign calendar

Your guide to creating an In-App Campaign calendar that specifically addresses the needs and habits of your app users.

Mobile App Personalziation_Insert_Resources

What is mobile app personalization?

Personalization should be about improving the experience of digital consumers, saving them time and giving them the kind of value they are interested in. How exactly do you deliver that?

Super Bowl app experience_Resources

3 Ways to get your app to score a touchdown

Whether your app users are football fanatics or not, a major sporting event such as this is a great opportunity to create engaging moments in your app.


Time to ditch the fear of in-app marketing

You can successfully leverage in-app marketing to promote your own services, deals, discounts, features, support and any other app initiative. Whether it is going to be a salesy initiative is entirely up to you.


What NOT to do when engaging app users

User engagement is always a good thing, right? Right! But app users have short attention spans, and even the best intentions can sometimes antagonize them.


Embrace the unpredictable: Your app on election day

For app owners unpredictability is a challenge, because in-app changes often require planning and time. But this is also an opportunity: creating an experience for your app users that feels timely and contextual can increase their loyalty and LTV.

Thumbnail_ROI Insights from AppsWorld

ROI Insights from AppsWorld

We just came back AppsWorld London, and we had a blast! Find out what we heard about increasing ROI through post-download user engagement.

App upgrades

How to drive app upgrades

Is now a good time to ask my users to upgrade their app on their mobile device? The short answer is: It depends.

Give your app users more this Thanksgiving - Insert Resources

5 holiday-related ideas for your app

The holiday season is a great opportunity for app owners to offer users extra value in the form of timely promotions that relate to their lives outside the app.


The Guide of Small Things

On the screen of a smartphone, bigger isn’t always better. In fact, because real estate on the screen is more precious, subtlety can sometimes be the key to a better app experience.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile App Engagement_Insert

Do’s and don’ts for post-download success

You probably spent a lot of time and energy on user acquisition for your app. Now what? Check out our latest paper, in cooperation with Mobiquity.

In-app banners_resources

In-App banners: A new marketing breed

There are certainly lessons learned from banners on the web that you can and should take with you to mobile. But successful in-app banner use requires you to consider the uniqueness of apps.

Confessions of an App snob_Insert

Confessions of an app snob

Ever find yourself getting annoyed by an app? Does it keep prompting you to rate it when you’re trying to do something? As app users we all know these pain points, which is why, as app owners, we can’t afford to lose users to nuisances.

4 successful in-app marketing strategies that mobile giants use_Insert

Play like a PRO

The best apps in the world have a lot of users, but it’s not just the number of users that makes an app successful. Leaders in the mobile space understand that in-app engagement is the key to user loyalty and long-term success.

in-app marketing immaturity

3 signs of in-app marketing immaturity

“If you build it, they will come.” But when it comes to mobile apps, it’s not much of a strategy – and app publishers know it.

Thumbnail_Using surveys to improve your in-app marketing efforts

Ask and you shall receive

With surveys, as with other app elements, success requires targeting the right audience, at the right time, for a specific business goal.

In-app Messages that Convert_Insert Resources

Do your app campaigns convert?

A few weeks ago our customer success guru, Dustin Amrhein, spoke to Peggy Anne Salz of the Mobile Presence Podcast, about the evolution of in-app marketing and what that means for brands in general, and specifically for mobile marketers.

Resources_turning users into loyal customers

Turning users into loyal customers

Join us and a panel of experts as we demystify in-app marketing and the technology that supports it.

Golden rules for app engagement

The golden rules for successful app engagement

App engagement is crucial to the success of your app initiatives. Read our guide to learn about the six golden rules of engagement.

5-Minute Recipes for Successful In-App Campaigns_Insert

5-Minute recipes for successful in-app campaigns

A successful in-app campaign is like a well-cooked meal. It should be quick and easy to make, yet appetizing and delicious. Most importantly, you should always take into consideration your guests’ individual preferences and taste buds.

App acquizition tactics

7 tactics to engage mobile app users

The world of mobile apps is beginning to coalesce around a set of must-have engagement features and tools, as well as the best practices to use them. Many of these features can be published into live apps as “instant” features, yet require that you plan carefully.

Resource_Apps_and_the bot playbook

3 lessons Apps can take from the bot playbook

Apps are a rising star and no one can predict exactly how bots will evolve. In the meantime apps will do well in adopting some of the bots’ fundamentals.

App engagement strategy

What tactics are you using to support your app engagement strategy?

There is much more to the mobile engagement equation than push notifications and in-app messages techniques.

Mobile app personalization

The digital marketer’s journey to app personalization

With 89% of consumer media time spent in mobile apps, according to Nielsen, it’s imperative for your company to be onboard with a mobile app strategy.

App store review time cut

What does App Store review time cut mean for you?

App owners have long lamented the Apple app review process citing unpredictable, and in some cases, excessively long turnaround times. Cutting the App Store review time is great but YOU can do better than that.

Mobile app metrics

‘You’re so vain’: 3 lessons on app engagement metrics

Focus your efforts on the mobile app metrics that really matter.

Mobile apps creative lag

What is the creative lag?

Mobile apps are amazing but long development and update cycles have put a straightjacket on creativity, preventing businesses from deriving the full potential value of their mobile app investment.

Maintaining a healthy diet for your app_resources

6 Quick fixes for your app

So….how healthy is your app? Are you able to offer solutions for its pains? Are you interacting with users in the most meaningful way?

How does Insert work

Turn app users into loyal customers - Insert Demo

Watch this 30-minute Insert Demo to learn about Automated In-App Marketing.

Speed and control in mobile app

Drive your app with speed & control

Why does speed and control are not mutually exclusive for mobile marketers.

Grab mobile app user attention

3 ways to grab users’ attention

Three tips that can help you make the most of the fleeting attention span of your users crucial to your app’s success.

Mobile app engagement practices

Are you taking advantage of app engagement opportunities?

Read our guide to in-app engagement techniques and best practices.

How to change app text

How to modify app content with Insert

Watch a two-minute video to see how to dynamically modify existing text in your app without writing code.

Mobile app testing

Why mobile app marketers should compare apples and oranges

User engagement can be optimized by comparing apples to oranges – by using different engagement features and testing them.

In-app message

Shooting the message!

3 tips for running successful in-app messaging campaigns.

Mobile app ux - easter eggs

App features aren’t easter eggs

Unlike Easter-egg-hunters, your mobile app users will not put as much effort into finding the hidden gems inside your app.

Mobile app survey

How to customize and launch a survey with Insert

Learn the 10 best practices for including surveys in your mobile apps.

Get a demo

See Insert in action

Watch this five-minute Insert overview to see how easy the platform makes it to add user engagement features in your app.

Mobile app user satisfaction

Proactively seeking user satisfaction

Acquiring and retaining happy users is an obvious goal in mobile. Getting those users to talk about how happy they are can easily get overlooked.

Mobile proximity marketing

Is the promise of mobile proximity marketing just a bunch of hype?

Any app owner worth their salt knows that a lot more goes into driving offer redemption and conversion than user location considerations.

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